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What precautions should be taken to keep the heart in good condition?

Heart patients

Heart patients

The sign of the correct functioning of the heart is that you do not feel the loss of it. If there is any disorder in the movement of the heart, which you may feel, then understand that there is an error in the process. People who have had a heart attack unfortunately, are well aware of this and have half the medical status.

They know what precautions should be taken to keep the heart in good condition. Some heart patients have severe heartburns, although many medications for such diseases have come out and have developed very good cardiologists. Well, the therapist can’t help you as much as you can.

Some patients are able to reach the forefront with precautionary measures.

The following are six golden rules for heart patients. If they follow them, they will not need medication:

  1. Keep an eye on your weight. Fitness is not a good thing. The only thing is, the higher your body is, the more frequent your heart will be. If a cardiovascular patient is gaining equal weight It requires extraordinary caution.

Other organs other than the heart are badly affected by fatty acids. Excess fat accumulates around the lungs membrane and inhibits breathing. When the breath is not well enough, the blood does not get enough oxygen. He is not free from filth.

  1. Eating honey is useful in cardiovascular diseases. If you have permanent constipation, there is no problem with occasional mild laxatives.

For this purpose, prefer some indigenous herbs over brisk and sour medicines. Add salads and other raw salads to your diet so that you do not get constipated. happens.

  1. If you smoke cigarettes, quit it altogether. Tobacco use has been shown to be particularly harmful in cardiovascular diseases.

This point should be well understood.

  1. According to your fitness and strength, do a little exercise every day, as well as give the body a rest. Do not let your sleep decrease throughout the day.

5- Alcohol is very harmful in the use of alcohol and drugs. The most important thing is to avoid it.

  1. Reduce sugar and salt intake.

In our country there are some heart-beating experts, who do not notice any difference in honey and ordinary sugar. These are the people who are forgetting about nature and who are wary of anti-inflammatory foods and medicines. Humans also know the difference between natural and artificial. These experts must misunderstand themselves and leave them in their state and we should have perfect reliance on power and the Qur’an, which has praised honey.

Our faith should not be confused with a scientist’s heartbreak and lack of intellect. Researchers and practitioners around the world agree that the use of cigarettes and tobacco is harmful to human beings. Chest patients should exercise caution in this regard. Even if smoking cessation is not possible, moderation is still very important.

Drinking alcohol is detrimental to the arteries. Hypertension patients should avoid alcohol. Lastly, it is important not to discuss your illness with your friends, however. You suffer from hypertension, pain in the chest, arteries in the arteries, or in a heartbeat. This kind of talk is of no use, though the sympathy and expressions of everyone can certainly leave you in despair. Remove the idea that since you are suffering from heart disease, you cannot be healed. The healing is in the hands of the Almighty and disappointed with His mercy. Be careful of them. You can reach the appropriate age of the patient with the physical.