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What does pain in these areas of the head mean?



In the event of a headache, you can get rid of it by taking pills, but there are some headaches that need to be taken very seriously as they can be a predictor of a major illness. Dr Saqib Qureshi, a specialist neurologist, says take some of the headaches described in the picture seriously and check other things instead of immediately taking the pill.

They say that there are four types of headaches that are linked to our body, and instead of treating them with medication, adopt some natural methods.

Psyche is a disease in which the nose is closed due to phlegm and pressure on the head as well. If the psyche intensifies due to infection, then pressure on our cheeks will increase, there will be pain in the eyes and throat and The fever will also get worse. In this case, drink plenty of water and try to use semi-hot water, use vitamin C with water. Ginger mixed hot soup will also give you a lot of comfort. Use Malta, green tea, lemon and guava. The antioxidants contained in it will reduce the infection and reduce your pain.

Pain from mental stress
It is a very common pain that causes pain due to pressure on the head, neck and skulls. This pain causes vomiting with pain under the eyes. Head and neck due to mental stress. I start to have pain. In this case you should add a few drops of mint oil to ginger tea and drink. If you want to apply a few drops of mint oil on the forehead, this will give you a lot of relief.

Cluster headache
In most women, this pain is above one eye. It is a case of severe pain on the eye as well as nasal closure or runny nose. The cream in which capsaicin cayenne is found. Placing a pass and a painkiller will provide considerable relief.

Migraine (half headache)
Half headache is called migraine and can occur in people between the ages of 25 and 55. It is much more dangerous than common headaches which causes neurological problems. In one third of people this headache is intermittent. Half of them suffer from g-nausea, vomiting, light chewing and other discomfort. Many people who suffer from this disorder get plenty of relief from vitamin B12, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids.