Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

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Complete great body images with the world’s first laser Ultra sound

world's first laser Ultra sound

world's first laser Ultra sound

BoStun: For a long time we have been using ultrasound to get body image, but due to certain drawbacks and limitations of ultrasound it works to a certain extent.
Experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed laser ultrasound, which captures first-hand images that are much clearer than conventional ultrasound.
Interestingly, this technology does not have to touch any ultrasound device or laser. Experts have created a laser that does not harm the eyes and skin. A laser system removes sound waves away from the patient and returns to the entire body. Now the second laser recognizes these returning objects and thus produces a better and clearer picture.
In the initial identification, the scientists scanned the arms of several volunteers to examine the tissues and muscles. Images obtained with the new technology found images up to six cm deep, with muscle, flesh, fat and bones very clear. Even though the laser was placed half a meter away, the images were better than ordinary ultrasound.
The MIT research team used 1550 nanometers of laser and absorbs the rays of this wavelength well. It does not damage the face, skin and eyes and the motion detector helps it to be better photographed.

Although this system has proven to be superior to ultrasound, minimizing this loaded system’s usability is a challenge that still remains to be solved.